Used Nail Making Machines

Used Nail Making Machines

Used nail making machines adopt plunger structure to ensure high speed, low noise and less impact.
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Used nail making machines adopt plunger structure to ensure high speed, low noise and less impact. The nail making machine can produce all kinds of ordinary nails, rivets, cement nails and other round nails, especially linoleum nails and other special-shaped nails. , Used for high-quality welding machines and nail guns. The machine has advanced design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use and safe operation.



High operating accuracy and long service life

All shafts, cams and other main components are made of high quality steel

Multiple lubrication systems to ensure smooth operation of the machine

Easy to operate and install, Used nail making machines for sale

Stable work, safe and reliable, durable, low noise

 processing equipment

Processing of used nail making machine

Wire drawing-After buying nails, determine which nail to use before using nails, such as new steel rods, scrap steel, etc. Scrap steel rod drawing is more troublesome, because the new steel is so fast, but the cost of scrap steel is very good. The finished line can be brushed, and the speed is faster, saving some manpower. The nail speed is also very fast.

Nail making-After the wire is finished, pass through the automatic wire head, then pull the wire, and then send the head into the machine to produce a good semi-finished nail.

Polishing-Put the finished semi-finished nails into the polishing machine for polishing. The polishing machine puts sawdust, paraffin, gasoline and some chemical raw materials, and is affected by friction.

Packaging-the above three points are very important, the packaging can be tailored to the user's own needs.

 project case

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Pre-sale service

1. 24-hour online service. Your inquiry will be quickly answered via email, WeChat or Whatsapp.

2. We will provide you with professional and patient introduction, detailed pictures and working video of the price of second-hand nail machine.

After-sales service

1. Test each machine and check the machine carefully.

2. We will send you a delivery picture and a test of the price of the used nail machine.

After-sales service

1. Free product insurance

2. Resolve any problems online 24 hours a day. Provide you with English manuals and technical support, maintenance and installation videos to help you solve problems.

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