Automatic Nail Making Machine Working Principle And Process

- Jan 01, 2020-

The production process of the automatic nail making machine can be divided into three stages. One stage is to straighten the wire. The second stage is the cold pier nail cap. Before this, the wire was clamped. The third stage was cold. Squeeze the tip of the nail. Generally, the nails we use are made by using a nail making machine to roll a low-carbon steel wire with the same diameter as the diameter of the nails through the above process.

Of course, there is another very important process, which is to cut the wire according to the production length specification. In the design work, in order to ensure product quality, we need to consider comprehensively. The important considerations regarding the design scheme of the nail making machine are as follows:

1. The wire feeding straightening mechanism should be selected reasonably. For automatic nail-making machinery, it usually requires the combination of wire feeding and straightening to consider the type of mechanism. At the same time, a clamping mechanism should be attached to relax during wire feeding and clamp the rest. The wire feeding straightening mechanism can use an intermittent motion mechanism to drive the swinging claw, which presses the wire and straightens the wire. The clamping mechanism opens and closes by a linkage relationship.

2. Need to design the cold pier nail cap mechanism reasonably. Under normal circumstances, in the design of automatic nail-making machinery, mobile or swing-type punching mechanism can be selected. Generally, a flat six-bar or four-bar mechanism can be used, and its movement and swing stroke can be about 25mm. In order to reduce the motor capacity and mechanical speed fluctuations, a flywheel can be added.

3. When designing the automatic nailing machine scheme, the performance requirements of the cold extrusion and shearing mechanism are usually the same as the cold pier mechanism, so the adopted mechanism is also very similar.

4. In the automatic nail making machine, since it includes a plurality of different mechanisms, the coordination between them is very important. Therefore, when designing a nailing machine scheme, try to consider fixing the moving parts of each actuator to a main shaft.