Infeed Adjustment Of Nail Making Machine Equipment And Cutter Protection

- Jan 01, 2020-

In the workflow of producing nails by using nail making equipment, it is important that we pay attention to the incoming line. The inlet structure of the nail making equipment is fixed to the front of the fuselage with screws. The incoming line eccentric disc is connected, the other end is connected with the transmission arm, and the other end is connected with the clamping slide.

When the crankshaft of the nail-making machine equipment is running, the incoming eccentric disk rotates synchronously and pulls the rod back and forth, which causes the transmission arm to swing back and forth around the pin, and drives the thread clamp slide to slide back and forth in the chute to achieve The purpose of the line. Pull the handle of the line feed control to control the line feed and stop the line feed at any time while the machine is running. Adjust the adjustment lever on the line feed eccentric disk to get different line feed lengths.

Rotate the angle of the eccentric disk to change the time of the line. By adjusting the length of the pull rod, different positions of the movement of the clamp slide in the chute can be obtained. By adjusting the position of the thread clamp slider in the front and rear positions of the thread clamp slide, the thread entry knife mark can be adjusted to the nail cap or the nail tip, so that the purpose of no thread feed knife mark on the nail body can be achieved.

Only by fully understanding how to adjust the wire feeding device on the nail making machine equipment, can the wire control be controlled, and can there be no wire cutting marks on the finished nail itself. In the production process of the nail making machine equipment, the problem of short tool life is often encountered, and the reason for the rapid damage of the nail making tool is as follows.

The material is too hard, and the materials have ash, shelter and other defects, which will cause the tool to wear quickly; some cutting edges do not meet the requirements, and the applicable cutting edges are different for different hardness and strength materials. Insufficient or too tight clamping force when entering the knife or the roller. At this time, we should adjust the wire feeding knife to make the knife feed the wire reliably and replace the worn parts of the wire feeder. In order to extend the use of the tool of the nail making machine, it is necessary to prevent it from the above aspects.