Manufacturing Process Of Nail Making Machine And Its Safety Measures

- Jan 01, 2020-

The nail making machine can be used to make different types of nails of different specifications. In order to obtain the perfect product, in addition to the equipment and manufacturing process, the raw materials also play an important role. How to process the raw materials improperly will likely directly affect the entire process. The raw materials used by the nail making machine are basically steel types, but the processing of it is not single, but has a series of complex process components. There are also many production processes.

Since the normal operation of the nail making machine is closely related to each process, attention must be paid to the feeding step. Some of the feeding equipment of the nail making machine will send the sheet to the designated position, which is usually the position of the vertical hydraulic cylinder, and the production can be started after it is ready. Feeding is part and mixing is another part. Be sure to cut the mixing. In other words, it is necessary to cut large pieces of material into small pieces, which is convenient for processing; at the same time, there is a clamping process.

In the actual production work, the feeding link of the nail making machine should be ensured first. Generally, we use special feeding equipment to feed the nail making machine. After the sheet is delivered to the designated location, production can begin at this time. The next is mixing, which mainly refers to cutting large pieces of material into small pieces of material, so that it facilitates subsequent processing.

In this process, there is another procedure that is carried out at the same time. That is to step up the processing. When upsetting the nail head, it is necessary to ensure its integrity and aesthetics. When a batch of products is processed, the excess materials need to be collected and reused, which can reduce waste and save costs.

During the operation and use of the nail making machine, it is necessary to ensure that the three-phase power is used, and to ensure that the device is provided with sufficient power and adequate safety protection measures to ensure safe production. Secondly, during installation, the working environment on site should be kept dry and clean. In addition, we should also prepare the corresponding mechanism wrench, and it is a common type of screw on the machine.