Requirements For High-speed Wire Drawing Machine

- Jan 01, 2020-

Drawing machine system is a very high speed control requirement, a mechanical device, the control system can provide a very accurate and smooth line speed. The wire drawing machine is used for ordinary plastic wire drawing machine to draw gold wire with higher requirements. The entire system is relatively complicated, and the control equipment requires coordination between various motors. The system is controlled by four servo motors and supported by Kinco servo bus communication, which fully meets the real-time interaction between data and the servo for real-time data exchange between each group of axes. In the system view that requires the interaction between fast motor shafts, in order to ensure that the side line of the track side according to the algorithm requires that the wires in the row can be calculated quickly, we also make full use of the servo internal firmware function KINCO, which is calculated by the drive itself The self-driven motor line is greatly omitted from the calculation of the position of the line of the control system of the traditional wire drawing machine, and then sent to the driver due to time delay to ensure the line to minimize the delay through the controller.