The Key Reasons Why Nail Making Equipment Makes Good Nails

- Jan 01, 2020-

Nail making machine equipment is mainly used to make various specifications of iron nails, carpentry nails and round nails on low carbon steel wires. The nail making machine has high requirements on the accuracy of the nail making machine, and its production rate requires 360 pieces in production. / Min, besides, because the nail making machine equipment needs to be used in various occasions, it must meet the nail requirements within a certain range.

When designing and manufacturing the nail making machine, we must consider its flexibility. Its cutting mechanism is inside the left and right two side shafts, and the left and right two groups face each other. One end of the connecting rod 604 is connected to the side shaft cam, and the other end It is connected to the scissors slider 603. The rotation of the cams on the left and right side shafts pulls the scissors slider to make the nail knife move left and right to achieve the effect of cutting the nail.

The pay-off structure of the nail making machine equipment is in front of the nail machine, and the base is fixed with anchor screws; the upper part is provided with a pay-off disk, which is used for storing the wire. When the wire is needed, the pin can be taken out, and the reel can be hung up to facilitate the installation of wire. A centripetal thrust ball bearing is used between the base and the coil to facilitate the flexible and reliable release of the wire when the machine is making nails.

The nail making machine equipment adopts gear transmission, which has high transmission efficiency. The efficiency of the first-stage cylindrical gear transmission is more than 99% under normal lubrication conditions. In high-power transmission, high transmission efficiency is very important. During the nail making process, zinc powder is regularly and quantitatively added in order to obtain the ideal zinc layer thickness.

The reason for this is mainly to effectively extend the service life of the parts, which is a characteristic of the galvanized layer. In addition, the galvanized parts can be protected from corrosion in humid air, and can prevent the generation of undesirable substances in the process of chromium passivation.