What Auxiliary Machines Are Needed For The Entire Set Of Equipment Of The Nail Making Machine?

- Jan 01, 2020-

There are often customers who call directly and ask how much a nail making machine is. This is usually a novice friend, because they do n’t know about the nail making industry, so I will briefly introduce what is a nail making machine set.

First, let's talk about the processing of nail source materials: the raw materials used by the nail making machine are commonly known as nail wires. There are various specifications for nail wires. The simplest way to understand is that the diameter of the nail wire is the same as the diameter of the nail rod. In order to save trouble, some customers directly buy the finished nail wire, and some customers feel that it is more cost-effective to draw the nail wire themselves, so the production of the nail wire depends on the wire drawing machine. The wire drawing machine is divided into many types, such as horizontal wire drawing machine, continuous wire drawing machine, waste steel wire drawing machine and so on. These devices also need to be tailored according to the needs of users, not to say that the most expensive is the most suitable.

Then it is the main machine for making nails-nail making machine: nail making machine is the main equipment for making nails, but it is also divided into multiple models, not that one nail making machine can produce all types of round nails. This requires the user to select the target and which nail making machine to use. Simple example: Z94-3A, commonly known as type 713, which can produce nails of any length between 3 cm and 8 cm, but if you want to produce 9 cm, it is powerless and you can only use a larger model Nail machine.

Next is a more important piece of equipment-polishing machine: Everyone in the hardware store has seen the nails, and the silver light flashes and looks very bright. But the nails just produced from the nail making machine are not so bright. Although they can be used directly, the appearance is unsatisfactory. Of course, if there is no requirement for the appearance, this step can be directly ignored.

Finally, there is a sharpener: the sharpener, as the name suggests, is a sharpening machine. The nail making machine cuts the nail wire and cuts out the nail tip relying on the nail knife on the nail making machine, and the only wearing part on the nail making machine is this nail knife. After all, its job is to "cut nails", and it will definitely be blunt after a while . Then there are only two ways at this time, one is to replace it directly, and the other is to repair it on the sharpener and continue to use it.