What Is The Production Process Of The Nail Making Machine?

- Jan 01, 2020-

To put it simply, in fact, when processing and producing various types of nails, the main production process of the nail making machine can be summarized as: processing processes such as wire drawing, cold heading, and polishing. It can be seen that, in fact, when using a nail making machine to produce nails, the entire workflow is relatively simple. Everyone should know that the raw material for the production of nails is round, which means round steel.

Therefore, before the nail making machine is formulated, the raw materials need to be drawn. The drawing step is mainly to pull out the diameter of the nail rod, and then cold-draw to make the tail and tip of the nail, and then polishing it, which is the finished product. It should be noted that if the surface of the nail is electroplated or blackened, other processes need to be performed to improve the appearance quality of the product.

Specifically, we need to select suitable raw materials according to the requirements of nail making. Then use a wire drawing machine (drawing machine) to process into a suitable diameter of the iron wire, and then cut with a nail machine, punch the nail cover, and then polished one by one qualified nails. Under normal circumstances, some small nails can be processed at one time on the nail making equipment. The polishing machine is to put the processed nails and saw foam and other things inside to stir and rub, when the nail surface is bright.

In the process of nail-making, the processes of straightening the steel bar, stamping the nail cover, and squeezing the nail tip often need to be completed. In other words, the first step is to complete the drawing and rust removal by a wire drawing machine at the same time, and draw it to the size of the nail you need; the second step is to make it into round nails; It can be poured into the brightness you need; 4. The metering package leaves the factory (it can also be pulled into grids, chicken cages, greenhouses, hangers, cart baskets, etc.).

It should be noted that in order to ensure the final quality of the nail-making mechanism nail products, we must strengthen the quality control of raw materials. At the same time, we must pay attention to the reasonable operation of the nail making machine to keep it running well.